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Today is 13th July and Microsoft announced about the 2010 technical Preview. This sneak pick displays only some limited features for their customers and partners the details for this you can find from Sharepoint Conference this October.

1. New GUI

which provides the extra tool which offers the new buttons and links on sharepoint document library for creating new documents, folders check in checked out , delete, publish and send option . this will also allows user the select multiple files and perform checkout / check in action.

2. Edit web page:

When we edit our web page now in 2010 we can see the live Preview which is same as office client. Which allow us to change image and text size as easy then current one? . change font size and select image from your client repository or web address will show the live demo, and resize the image by drag and drop.

3. Silverlight web part :

Sharepoint 2010 comes with out of box silver light webpart which allow user to view an interactive rich text content, as well as these out of the box webpart provides the Zoom in/out the content.

4. Rich Theming:

Change sharepoint site’s look and feel using PowerPoint themes. It will also provide the themes preview and color with different font sizes. We can upload the power point themes which is able to select sharepoint site theme, then select color plate display. By clicking the apply them sharepoint site will be changed according to your PowerPoint slide theme.

5. Multiple browser Support:

Sharepoint 2010 created site will support multiple browser such as IE, Firefox and safari as well. SharePoint 2010 supports an extended set of browsers. It’s designed to support XHTML 1.0–compliant browsers and will support Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 and IE 7.0, Firefox, and Safari. Notably, IE 6.0 isn’t supported. So far, there’s been no official mention of Google Chrome or Opera.

6. Visio Services:

In sharepoint 2010 we can directly publish the Visio diagram to the sharepoint and using browser we can open Visio diagrams. There is we no need to install Visio client on client machine.

7. SharePoint Designer 2010:

In sharepoint 2010 designer provides the new UI, enhanced new modeling capabilities and improved workflow capabilities makes designer and developers to collaborate seamlessly , in 2010 there is given a new concept entities handle the back end integration. Sharepoint provides seamlessly integration with back end system.

8. Central administration:

New improved Central Administration screens.

9. Sharepoint Client Object model:

Client side libraries which can be used by custom clients to interact with SharePoint data. These can be called from JavaScript, .NET or Silverlight apps.

10. FAST Search:

The new SharePoint release will incorporate the FAST Search technology that Microsoft acquired from the Norway-based Fast Search & Transfer company. The FAST technology provides a superset of the original SharePoint search capabilities. As its name implies, FAST Search is designed for high-end scalability. It supports a number of enhanced capabilities, including a content-processing pipeline, metadata extraction, visual search, and advanced linguistics.

11. Usage reporting and logging

SharePoint 2010 includes a new database designed to support usage reporting and logging. The usage database is extensible, allowing third-party vendors to create custom reports based on the information it contains.

12. BCS integration with Fast Each integration:

13. SharePoint best practices analyzer: Rule based engine for monitoring and self-healing.

14. Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Tools: Designer for creating Web Parts visually and Business Connectivity Services Entities

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Krishana Kumar is SharePoint Architect/Trainer having Architecture experience with high volumes at Enterprise level and global scale - creation of highly scalable solutions with global user base and geographically distributed architectural components. Good knowledge of SharePoint best practices and governance models. I hold Two Master degree in Computer Science with over 11 years of experience working on Microsoft Technologies specially SharePoint, Project, .NET and other Information Worker Technologies. Having good exposer in Client side scripting Angular.js, backbone and Node. I am currently responsible for SharePoint Infrastructure set up and leading teams in various medium and large scale projects, architecting, designing & installing SharePoint farms, developing custom components,, and providing advanced SharePoint administration and development training to teams and customers. I regularly speaks in various SharePoint User Groups and other Events. I have MCSA Windows Azure, MCSA Office 365, MCSE & MCSD SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Certified Developer (MCD) and holds MCPD, MCTIP and MCTS for SharePoint 2010, MCTS MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0, MCPD, MCITP (EPM 2010 & 2007) and MCSD .NET.
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