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New feature in SharePoint 2013
What it does: This feature Improve SharePoint site’s performance when user navigate from one request to another request, it reduces page load time by sending only the differences when users navigate from one page to new page in SharePoint site. This feature The Minimal Download Strategy is by default enabled on Team sites, Community sites and a few others in SharePoint 2013

Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) is a new technology in SharePoint 2013 that reduces the amount of data that the browser has to download when users navigate from one page to another in a SharePoint site. When users browse an MDS-enabled site, the client processes only the differences (or delta) between the current page and the requested page. Figure 1 shows the sections that change from page to page and therefore require an update. The delta usually includes the data in the (1) content areas, as well as other components such as (2) navigation controls.

You can identify a site that has MDS enabled by looking at the URL. An MDS-enabled site has the (3) _layouts/15/start.aspx page in the URL followed by a hash mark (#) and the relative URL of the requested resource, For example, the following is the MDS-formatted URL for the page newpage.aspx:


It is equivalent to the following non–MDS-formatted URL:


This functionality comes with Site feature and provide plug gable capabilities so that we can activate or deactivate on site.
How it works: Once the MDS features feature is enabled [activated on site] all pages of the SharePoint sites rendered through /_layouts/15/start.aspx
This start.aspx is responsible to loading the pages from site using the MDS. The start.aspx has a specific javascript object asyncDeltaManager (defined in start.js) basically it parse the URL and looks for the # and takes the path following that and dynamically loads the page

Subsequent requests to pages are dynamically loaded through the asyncDeltaManager object. Once a link is clicked it will invoke a method in the JavaScript object which creates the MDS URL and appends the query string parameterAjaxDelta=1. A request is created and downloaded asynchronously and only the “delta” is returned to the client and assembled and rendered using JavaScript.
The PageRenderMode control
There is one control called PageRenderMode that can be used on a master page, web part page or page layout. This control has one property called RenderModeType which can have one of two possible values;Standard or MinimalDownload. If the control is placed on a page and have the property set to Standard – it will prohibit the page from being rendered using MDS. If the control is not present or if it’s property is set to MinimalDownload it can participate in MDS rendering. So this control can be used on specific (master)pages to prohibit MDS.

A word of caution here, if you’re using the Design Manager to generate master pages, this control will automatically be inserted into the generated artifacts.
Another gotcha here is that even if you have the PageRenderMode control set to MinimalDownload whenever the publishing features are enabled and you have the ribbon on the page, specifically when using the PublishingRibbon in your master page, SharePoint will automagically inject, during runtime, the PageRenderMode control with the property set to Standard.

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