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Master Page in MOSS

First of all there are Three Type of Control use in master Page: Content Place Holder : Content placeholder controls indicate regions of replaceable content on the master page. They appear in Code view as <asp:ContentPlaceHolder> and are mapped to … Continue reading

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Difference Between 3 Tire Architecture and MVC Pattern

First take 3 tire Architecture:- 3-tier architecture is a system architecture pattern, is a client–server architecture 3-tiered system, you’ll have different hardware for each tier in which the user interface, functional process logic (“business rules”), computer data storage and data … Continue reading

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Variations in Sites

Just Coming … you can download language pack from here

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One Day When I was not Like Today

I afraid and used to struggle a lot, The days when I was very new to Technology really those day were HardWorking days of my life, but made Sparking shine in my carrier, due to those day, I was privilaged … Continue reading

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Content Query Webpart In SP

we can use the Content By Query Web Part to Collection data from multiple data sources across your Web site, and then present it all in one place. Before you configure and customize the Content By Query Web Part, you … Continue reading

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